Becoming an agent for a platform like “91 Club,” which might involve recruitment, referrals, or managing a network of players, often requires a more detailed and structured approach compared to simply registering as a user. While I can’t provide specifics for “91 Club” without direct access to their guidelines or policies, here’s a general process that many online gaming or betting platforms follow for those interested in becoming an agent or affiliate:

91 Club Agent


  1. Review the Platform’s Agent Program
  • Most platforms that offer an agent or affiliate program will have detailed information on their website. Look for sections titled “Affiliates,” “Partners,” or “Become an Agent.”
  • Understand the benefits, responsibilities, commission structure, and terms and conditions of the program.
  1. Meet the Requirements
  • There may be specific requirements to become an agent, such as having a certain number of referrals, possessing a background in online gaming or marketing, or meeting financial criteria.
  • Ensure you meet these prerequisites before applying.
  1. Application Process
  • Fill out an application form provided by the platform. This might require personal information, business details (if applicable), and a summary of your experience or plan on how you intend to recruit players or promote the platform.
  • Some platforms might require an initial interview or further discussions to assess your suitability for the program.
  1. Agreement and Terms
  • If accepted, you’ll likely need to agree to specific terms and conditions. These can include rules about how you promote the platform, commission payouts, and code of conduct.
  • Read these terms carefully to understand your obligations and rights as an agent.
  1. Training and Resources
  • Many platforms offer training sessions, marketing materials, and other resources to help you succeed. Take advantage of these to maximize your effectiveness and adherence to the platform’s standards.
  1. Start Promoting
  • With everything set up, you can start recruiting players or promoting the platform according to the agreed methods. This could involve digital marketing, hosting events, or one-on-one recruitment.
  1. Monitoring and Payouts
  • Regularly monitor your performance through the platform’s agent dashboard (if available) to track your earnings and the activity of recruits.
  • Ensure you understand the payout process, including any thresholds or schedules for receiving your commissions.

Key Considerations:

  • Reputation: Only work with reputable platforms to protect yourself and those you recruit.
  • Compliance: Be aware of the legal and regulatory environment regarding online gaming and betting in your jurisdiction.
  • Ethics: Promote responsible gaming and adhere to ethical practices in your recruitment and promotion efforts.

If you’re interested in becoming an agent for “91 Club” specifically, the best approach would be to directly contact their support or look for information on their official website to get accurate and up-to-date instructions tailored to their agent program.